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he is doing well, and back to his crotchety old self... He was very lucky, and due to his general good health, and his young age (?!! Just writing to say that we saw you in Sydney recently. I know you don't tour anymore, but when you did, what were some of your favorite towns that you got to perform in? When I was touring (it's hard to remember that far back! Some songs are great as album cuts, but just don't cut it as a live performance. But it's nice to know that you appreciate the Title Cut songs! from Jamie in Rochester Hills Dear Lori, I think you have a very beautiful voice. I have a 9 year old son, and he is the only one in the cards for me. I often feel guilty about him not having any brothers or sisters. I've been feeling guilty for 14 years, and have finally realized that there are so many OTHER things to feel guilty about, that THAT guilt pales in comparison!!! that is what was in the cards for you and your son. I read recently in a 2001 interview where Waddy Wachtel stated that he used to constantly tell you and Sharon to stand still while performing. From the beginning, Brad Jeffries, who was in most of our videos, had alot of influence on our moves... (You can Mapquest it, if you're interested.) Gordon does not own the studio anymore, but I believe the building is still a studio. I grew up listening to Stevie and in primary school when ever they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, I always said Lori Perry! I really don't have a question, but I also wanted to let you know how much we all love your, and Sharon's voices along with Stevies.. I saw you on 5/14 and you were fabulous-can't wait for more. From the house that Stevie lives in, she can see along the coast from "Palos Verdes" to the south, all the way to "Point Dume" to the north. from Christine in Phoenix I applaud you for making the decision to raise a daughter rather than prioritizing your career - KUDOS! How often do you, Christopher and Jessi get to go on the road and enjoy Stevie's concerts? I have always been content with the choices I made to stay home and be a mother.... from Laurie This isn't a question but an apology from many Stevie fans for the rude question someone brought up about trying to put blame on you and Sharon for Stevie's addiction.

I've been very busy with the Fleetwood Mac tour, and during the first half of the year, Stevie's brother, Christopher, was dealing with cancer, so my attentions have been taken away with some very intense matters. but none-the-less, appreciated and I will try to answer as many as I can. he is very greatful, but says for you all to know that it will take something worse than that to take him down!!!! I have become a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac fan over the past several since meeting my wife and our wonderful, and seriously smitten Stevie fan, friend. Kevin in Atlanta) I was very impressed by your performance and the whole band gave off such a great vibe. It was great to hear and see you for my first time in Vegas. I'm not sure I ever really thought about where I would be at this point in time.... Thank you for even bothering to answer that question, and with grace at that. For some reason there was no music playing, so when the director said action!

but he wants everyone to know, because he didn't... but know that it is appreciated by Christopher and his entire family, more than we could ever say!! Lori from Vronique in Quebec Hi Lori, First of all, thank you for giving us opportunity to ask you questions. I also wanted to know where the church or Gordon Perry's studio was located. I think your harmonies and suppor give her solo work that timeless feel because it is so consistent. from Richard in Columbus, OH Lori, I've really, really enjoyed reading your answers. So great to hear about your Vegas appearance with Stevie I have seen many photos of the concerts you look fabulous and very much at home on stage with Stevie, Sharon and Jana. So how did you feel being in the thick of things again?? Singing in Vegas with Stevie and the girls was, as you said, "bags of fun," and I must say, it was more comfortable than I thought it would be! from Paul Garratt in Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom Hi Lori, here in the UK we have a tribute band called Fleetwood Bac who are wonderful who play, sing and even visually look like the real band, I have noticed there are some trbute bands in th USA too, have you or Stevie or anyone else in the band ever seen them and what were your thoughts?? I'm afraid I've never had an opportunity to see any of these tribute bands. As the old saying goes, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery! there was a photo on the set ~ was that Stevies friend Robin? I am on the younger side of the Stevie fans and saw my first of her concerts when I was 7 and I remember seeing you as well. it's a very intense song, and I still get chills when I listen to it! ), but I am a mom too, and I quit my job after her birth as well. Being "mom" is the best job ever (and most difficult and crazy, I'd say). They looked like little wind-up dolls gone crazy, and to us, it was the funniest thing wed ever seen.

I'm 26, from Quebec, Canada and my English is bad, so I'll do the best I can. Stevie did a live recording of "Crash" for a concert video in November, 2007, and performed it on her 2008 tour. I saw you at Stevie's concert in Chicago in June 2008 - awesome!! Lori's answer: from Keith in South Windsor, CT Hi Lori- Thank you for the update on Chris' health. After the show my then-wife and I were leaving to catch the limo to head home. I just saw the tour in Boston last March then in Uncasville, CT in June. My personal best to you, Chris and Jessie Lori's answer: from Alan in Queens, NY Hi Lori! I got to meet him at a couple of concerts and he answered all my Stevie questions. Did you in your wildest dreams imagine that you would still be singing with stevie all these years later when you first started? Especially the response to the question about "Wild Heart", I love that song too. I was disappointed to not be in Vegas this time round but family commitments and University have become a priority. It looks like I will be back there with them on Aug. However a friend of ours was at a club one night, watching a Stevie sound-alike [Michelle Tyler]. " from Kathy in Detroit Hi Lori :) i just saw you last night at DTE Energy in Clarkston Michigan ~ such a POWERFUL show !!! if it was i thought that was sooo cool of her to do .. In my eyes you have the best job in the whole world. My question is simple, what is your favorite song to sing with her? I am singing the first "faces of you" and Sharon sings the second one. We were laughing so hard we started to cry and our make-up started running.

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  1. But the trend seems to be that I will let a few days go by, then drop a text or email thanking him for the date - I won't suggest another date myself, as I have been told that is too forward for British men - only to be told "I didn't feel that spark" or something similar. I'm not a supermodel, but I'm also fairly attractive.