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I have yet to meet or date a female who journals her thoughts when she is calm or happy.

"I don't like to read." People who journal: They are writing about you.

Not to mention that my (ex) husband has mental illness and it made things very difficult. He still wanted to work on things but the love was so far gone and we were irreparable damage.

I was his emotional punching bag for the last couple years and I took it until I couldn’t anymore. I thought that if we just kept up with the medications and the counseling then things would eventually get better and we would be 20 years old again and completely in love and obsessed with each other. I say that I cheated on him because even though we were separated we still had hopes of working things out and we talked every day. I just could not love him anymore not after being shown the kind of love that I could have.

We don’t have any plans and of course, this will be hard. I could not be happy about anything and my anxiety was constantly at an all time high. I am at that age where most of my friends are just now falling in love, getting married, and having their first child.

My ex is in Texas currently and we don’t have a custody plan or anything laid out like that, but I did have my son go with him for the summer and I will get him back for the school year. I always knew that we shouldn’t be together and I got so depressed.

Photographers: No, I do not want to come over and look at 68 pictures of a tree you found. Let's also not forget braces get caught in everything.

I am just not at a place in my life where I am willing to justify those scars. Any omission of their height: It means they're 5'5" or something.

In recent years she has received Distinguished Scientist awards (for a lifetime of scientific achievement) from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS) and the University of Hawaii, and has won the Alfred Kinsey Award from the Mid-Western Region of SSSS.

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  1. All members have the option of posting photos, but for obvious reasons most pages you'll encounter will have a badge in place of a photo that says, "please respect my discretionary requirements". One gentleman told me that he'd had great luck using the system to find partners while two others told me they hadn't heard a word from anyone other than me.