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Calinak said he killed his first wife, a cousin, when they were both 17.

As is common with young love, things didn't work out.

Instead of all the guys in the group running game independently without accounting for what their wings are doing, Turkish men maximize their individual strengths to ensure group success. There’s not much subtlety about the Turkish approach.

And yet another is the “bouncer” who keeps an eye on outsider men and informs the group of any possible intruders.There were a lot of negatives in my recent trip to Turkey, but a positive was being able to witness how Turkish men work in groups to get laid.For men who are not allowed to pick up their local women due to cultural and social barriers, I was duly impressed with their wingmanship and coordination."I'm an honest person looking for a new wife," he told the show, but he added that he killed his first wife because he was "irritated" by her behaviour and murdered a subsequent partner because he thought she was after his money.This was a subject of debate whilst I was in Turkey.

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"I killed her after she tried to kill me," he said according to Hurriyet Daily News.

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